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I've spent the last 2 years as my mom's primary caregiver and when it comes to vacations, they can either be a nightmare or a dream depending on the help. In my family, we like to bring as many people as possible since I have 3 kids and my mom and my sister has one so its a help. With so many people travelling, its always important for us to keep in touch with each other and that includes my mom. I was shocked at how adament she was that she have a cell phone to keep in touch with us in case she wanted to seperate during the vacation. I under-estimated how active she was and thought possibly she was right, so I did a little research for her and found out her options. Expense wise, we chose a prepaid phone from the Tracfone/SVC line that costs about $7 a month to keep active for her or the phone is deactivated. This Christmas we are all spending it in Disney World so this will be her first test.

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These are excellent reminders. Indeed travelling with an elderly love one takes a lot of advance planning. In my case, I always make sure to do a checklist so I won't forget anything. And I always make sure that each day are planned ahead of time and on a per hour basis to be on the safe side.

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